Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Food of the gods menu by Rhianna

This spectacular meal is proven to work wonders with your taste buds, and once you’ve tried some of this ultra-magnificent meal then you will go, “Yeeeeeeee!” with excitement. You will want to try it again and again and again until you… Well you will never want to stop. Here is what this three-course meal entails:
For starters, a delicious mouth-watering French-stick pizza is made in a pizza oven.You can smell it from down the hallway! This pizza is lavished with stringy melting cheese, and has a base of tomato purée, and tinned tomato chunks. Remember; don’t get yourself too full, for this is only a starter!
Our miraculous main course consists of a 5oz gammon steak (already cut up into bite-size chunks), sweet potato fries, salad, two rings of pineapple and a fried egg. You can just hear the sizzling of gammon and the crackling of the salt dissolving into the heat of the chips. The salad adds a nice healthy twist, and keeps you feeling fresh. The sight of this flavoursome dinner will put you on edge, especially the textures of the bittersweet grilled pineapple… Mmmmmmm!!!
Your dessert is an iced cinnamon roll. Legend has it, the mystical Unipandasloth will grant you free cinnamon rolls once you die, if you eat more than 100 in your life. I hope this is true – I believe it! Perfection? I think you mean cinnamon rolls. These iced swirls add a complimentary touch to every meal- especially this one.
Thank you for reading the Food Of The Gods menu.

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