Monday, 19 June 2017

Creme Egg Ride by Kirsten

The cream oozed out of the chocolate brown shell,
The creamy mixture plummeted over the edge to the floor like Niagara Falls.
The men worked furiously at the scene,
Trying to figure out the details of what happened.
The crack got bigger every second as the downpour got heavier and heavier as more cream overflowed.
One work man found out the ‘thing’ was fun,
It was just like a water slide.
The cones at the bottom of ‘it’ were then removed,
The work men then left too.
And that’s where I’ll leave this story,
As the cream egg now a family attraction,
With lots of fun included in the price,
The ‘thing’ is now a water slide,
For everyone to ride!

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