Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Food of the Gods by Tyler W

My food of the gods would be my own tuna pasta bake. It is my favourite meal as it is the first meal I learned to cook on my own- without help. It consists of; tuna, pasta, sweet-corn and cheese, cooked with lovely pasta bake sauce. Whenever I scoop some out of the dish, I always try to get as much pasta from the portion next to it from under the cheese. Every time I cook it, it smells like a lovely tomato cheesy goodness and tastes like heaven! The only problem is that it takes at least an hour to make and prepare: 45 minutes to prepare and 15 minutes to cook. I love to hear the ‘pop’ as it cooks and after the meal my dad always says, “Is there any more?” Which there always is.

For pudding I love date slice and custard it is so nice to have after any meal. The warm dates and the delicious pastry the best part about the date slice is if it is an oat pastry as that is the best.

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