Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Food of the gods by Kirsten

When it’s time for tea I am always really hungry. I always want a three course meal but my mum obviously says, “No!” So if I could have a three course meal here it would be.
My favourite starter would be cheesy flat bread with mozzarella sticks. The flat bread would be oozing with hot, melted cheese. It would be thick and deep pan with soft dough. I would dip it in spicy cheese sauce. The mozzarella sticks would be crispy on the outside and gooey with hot, sticky mozzarella on the inside. I would dip these in tomato ketchup. The textures would be crispy but moist with the dips. I would hear the crunch of the mozzarella sticks and the pop of air bubbles in the flat bread as I bite into them. They would fill me with happiness as I eat them.
My main course would a Chinese Takeaway from the Golden Windmill in Burgh. I would have sweet and sour chicken Cantonese style; special fried rice, beef and mushrooms in black bean sauce; prawn crackers; sweet and sour ribs; beef chow mein; prawn toast; picante sauce and sweet and sour chicken balls. I can never have enough- ever! The sauces are all sweet but have a sour tang: the picante sauce the only spicy thing on my plate. The textures are crispy or soft or wet or crunchy. I would dip my prawn crackers in the sauces from the other foods. My plate looks very orange from the sweet and sour sauce. It smells sweet and spicy with Chinese spices infusing the rest of the smells of the meal. It would be delicious – as always!
My favourite desert is waffles with melted Nutella, lemon juice, sugar, gooey chocolate cookie bites, millionaire shortcake bites with churros and caramel sauce. The waffles are soft and spongy, but crispy on the edges. It would be covered in hot, melting Nutella; sharp lemon juice; sugar crystals to make the lemon not too sharp; soft, gooey, chocolate cookie bites to make the waffle a little more chocolatey and millionaire shortcake bites which would give the waffle a little bit more of a crunch. It would be sweet but would have a sharp tang because of the lemon juice. I would be delicious. I would also have soft and crunchy, doughy churros with caramel sauce to top it off. It would be wonderful.
This meal would fill me up. I would love to have this actual meal!

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