Monday, 19 June 2017

Creme Egg story by Lisa

As we got a call from the owners of the famous cream egg, we gathered round and watched the creamy icing flood around the area. We cornered it off with cones but it was too strong! The strong icing started to break the egg even more as we tried to put it back together; as we put buckets out to catch the icing, we realised that there was too much cream-icing and too few buckets.
“What about if we try and get the icing out quicker? Because then we can get it into buckets faster and it will stop pouring sooner!” Rob exclaimed.
“That’s a great idea, but we will get all dirty and sticky when covered in cream!” Jeff replied, “Our boss told us to come back clean so that we can go another day without washing the uniform!”
“Our uniform doesn’t matter as long as we get this problem dealt with!”
“Our boss wouldn’t want this so…”
“If you don’t want to complete the mission then go back to the office because Jeff and I can finish this by on our own!”
“Stop being so…”
“STOP ARGUING!” I yelled “we are all staying put and doing as Rob said!”
“Why are you going along with this?” Jeff said.
“Because no one else is saying anything!”
I jumped on top of the egg and started pushing down the sticky icing. “It’s working!” I yelled as they continued to create a wall of buckets. “It won’t be able to go anywhere now!” Yelled Jeff
“I know! It’s got to go in the buckets now; there is no-where else for it to go!” said Rob
“We are nearly done!” I yelled.

5 minutes later…

“We did it!” I yelled
“Yes we did!” Rob replied
“I’m sorry about the argument before Rob.” Said Jeff guiltily
“I forgive you, I’m also sorry. I shouldn’t have started yelling at you either.”
“So are we friends?”
“Of course!”
“So, who wants a cream egg? 😄”

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