Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Food of the gods by Cloud

My food of the Gods would be an Elote (corn) covered in: mayonnaise with chilli, salt, sometimes lemon and cheese which you can get from Mexican street restaurants. You can also make this at home with the right ingredients. I love eating this because it reminds me of home; when I bite into it the juice from the corn and chilli fill my mouth making it taste a bit spicy but the cream makes the spice seem less strong. It feels as if I’m tasting food made by the Gods. You can also get Elote in a cup because it is a bit easier to eat. Sometimes it doesn’t look that appetising but when you bite into it you might just change your mind. If I were asked what my food of the Gods would be in twenty years I would probably say Elote.

For pudding I would pick the best pastry ever invented… Cinnamon Rolls! I love cinnamon because of the strong smell and sweetness. My favourite part is licking the icing from the top of the bun because I like the feeling of the icing melting on my tongue. Cinnamon Rolls are best when they are nice and warm fresh from Lidl. I could eat one every single day and never get bored of it. I praise whoever first created them.

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