Saturday, 10 March 2018

Food of the Gods by Scarlett

If I could eat anywhere in the world for every meal, it would be Kingdom. Kingdom was an amazing buffet restaurant in Newcastle, but sadly, it closed down. It sells a wide range of food from all around the world; the best part though, is its all you can eat. I run in and excitedly sit down at the glossy, glass table that appears like its magically floating in the air. I long for the waitress to come over and tell us we can go and eat. She only takes a few seconds, but they seem to take hours. At last she comes and I race to the food. My eyes dart towards the starter section and I sprint over to it. I pile my plate high with mozzarella sticks oozing with yummy mozzarella; warm chicken strips coated in crispy breadcrumbs; slices of sizzling garlic bread just being brought out of the steamy kitchen and chicken and sweetcorn soup bubbling over its container.
As soon as I have gulped down the delicious starters, I’m back on my feet. The Chinese section beckons me towards it and I happily take the crispy duck pancakes: my favourite! I get cold cucumber sticks and juicy slices of pineapple tom stuff in my paper-like pancakes. After I have demolished every last mouthful of it, I head for the Italian stand. I get carbonara pasta and pizza. It is coated in bacon, chicken, steak, ham and beef. I gulp it all down, carelessly splatting the warm, creamy sauce all over my new top!
Then it’s time for my favourite course: the one I have been looking forward to all day. I joyously sprint to the huge dessert section. My eyes are blinded by all the colourful cakes and sweet deserts. They are all in little mini portions so I can eat lots. I grab the strawberry cheesecake; raspberry cheesecake; trifle; Victoria sponge; oozing cookie dough; brownie so tasty it melts in my mouth; scoop after scoop of kinder Bueno ice cream drizzled in chocolate sauce; pancakes; banana split; mini donuts; jam sponge; strawberry mousse with a strawberry on top; and best of all: chocolate gateau!

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