Saturday, 10 March 2018

Food of the Gods by Ella

If I had to pick what would be my favourite food it would definitely be macaroni cheese! Every year I go to my nan's house in Harlow. Every time, I have a heavenly creamy, cheesy microwave macaroni cheese. Every time I talk about it, I can picture it in my mind. I can hear it pop and sizzle in the microwave, and when I take it out the gorgeous smell instantly hits me (like a ton of bricks) the smell wafts in through my nose into my brain making my heart dance. Every so often I would stir the melted cheese in with the pasta sauce to make sure it was properly cooked in the centre. When it’s done I would place the steaming hot dish on a plastic tray and sit down comfortably to eat it and to top it off I would dip the buttery garlic bread in to the left-over cheese sauce. 
Then for desert, I would pile on a range of different coloured scoops of ice cream on to a soft, light fluffy waffle half dipped in melted milk chocolate in a massive ice cream sundae glass cup, topped off with chocolate sauce and a gigantic squirt of whipped cream on top. Then I would grab a small spoon and dig in to the bottom where all the sauce slowly dripped down the sides to make a puddle of chocolate sauce with strawberry sprinkles scattered everywhere, once I had made my masterpiece it was time to it eat it before I get that sickly feeling in my stomach.

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