Saturday, 10 March 2018

Food of the Gods by Maya

If one day I get offered a multi-billion pound job in Hollywood on a worldwide film, I will probably be offered fancy food but I will be waiting for a desired food of the god’s meal.

My starter will contain a delicious bowl of chicken soup. The noodles will be calling me to eat them. The carrot finely chopped and the noodles.The soup itself is one of the best looking smelling and tasting soup ever.The smell is one of a kind and it looks like it has come from heaven.

The main would be a classic 8 oz burger, with a side of fries and sticks of garlic bread. The burger will have freshly picked cucumber, lettuce and on top of all that there will be two strips of the finest bacon. The chips should be finely chopped and the garlic bread should have an intense flavour and smell. The beef should be well done and richly cooked. To drink I will have a delicious glass of a flake milkshake with fresh whipped cream, chocolate sauce and a cherry on top.

The dessert is the best part of this mouth-watering three course meal. The dessert will be a massive slice of the one and only Daim cake. The cake will be covered in melted galaxy chocolate. On the side of that will be two scoops of the magnificent Ben and Jerry’s cookie dough ice-cream. The plate will be covered with the chocolate. The smell is extraordinary.

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