Saturday, 10 March 2018

Food of the Gods by Clara

My food of the gods (my favourite meal) would be a three-course meal. Of course, everything would have to be gluten-free.
My starter would be one of my mum’s miniature homemade burgers - no bun - with melting grated cheese covering it entirely. It would also come with a small portion of spicy curly fries. The starter would come with tomato ketchup and salad cream, ready to be mixed together and create the perfect pink sauce: tangy, but able to cool down the curly fries. The taste of the burgers and cheese is amazing; the cheese perfectly adds some more flavour and makes the texture smooth in your mouth. The burgers smell delicious, as the cheese bubbles give an amazing aroma as you eat.
My main meal would be a meal at my favourite restaurant. I would order ham, egg and chips with tomato ketchup. Once I had it in front of me, my mouth would start to salivate. The ham would be cut into a thick chunk, and I would eat the slightly smoky ham first. Next, I would pop the egg’s surface with one of the best-tasting chips in the world. The chips crunch in your mouth and the best way to eat them is to dunk them in the egg and the ketchup before eating them. As your plate is delivered, you catch the scent of the warm chips, and can’t wait to eat everything on the plate.
Finally, my dessert would be a chocolate brownie and vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce, and melting chocolate all on one plate. This is probably my favourite dessert in the world. The warm brownie smells of luxurious chocolate, and the contrast of warm brownie and cool ice cream mix together in your mouth, you wish you could eat it every day. The chocolate sauce joins with the ice cream towards the end, as the ice cream. By the end of your meal, you feel like you could burst, but you don’t regret eating every last crumb of it

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