Saturday, 10 March 2018

Food of the gods by Alexander

My food of the gods would most likely be Burger King because, well, I just like burgers. The food of the gods would be the double bacon cheese burger. The only bad thing is that some person out there decided to make it smaller, but more expensive! Anyway, the double bacon was a great idea! It’s the best meat ever! The cheese is good as well because it’s just the same as bacon, one of the best dairy foods. I like to have it with two different sauces so I can pick which one I want every now and then, for example, tomato ketchup for a few bites, then a different one for another, maybe mayonnaise. Also with a side of chicken nuggets, I love chicken nuggets. Especially at Burger King, and McDonald's. McDonald’s chicken nuggets come in second on the food of the gods list. Burger King is just so good. They have a wide range of foods like chicken strips, and chicken nuggets and… apple fries…?? That doesn’t make too much sense but see what I mean? Very wide range. I like to eat the chicken nuggets first, then the burger, but the burger has to have NO gherkins. Gherkins ruin the meal completely. The gherkin is slimy and wet, therefore getting the burger wet and slimy in the process of eating it. What? But anyway, I shall bow down to the creator of the double bacon cheese burger, and chicken nuggets, and Burger King. I shall bow down to you all.

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