Sunday, 25 February 2018

Michael's Mystery Mission by Maddie

With a start, I suddenly woke up. Sweating like a pig, I carefully sat up in bed, reclaiming my thoughts one by one. I remembered my nightmare. When the blackbird fed my sister until she became stronger and stronger. Then she flew above the trees out of the nest to the garage roof. Mina was there, she stared at me from the garden wall. After that she began saying, “STAY AWAY!” “You’re danger!” All of a sudden, I heard the baby bawling and that’s when I woke up. I could hear mum and dad saying, “SH!” “We are here now.” It took a few a minutes until they were asleep and by then my eyes had adjusted to the pitch-black darkness of my room. The atmosphere was so quiet and strange that it sent cold shivers shooting down my aching back. I tried to pull myself out of my uncomfortable but warm bed, but it was no good. I still didn’t know if my parents were asleep but luckily I soon found out. Mum started snoring loudly like a whale so I started my daring mission. I found my torch and quickly put some clothes on which were lying around. I crept out of my room and down the hallway and stopped. Thinking what to do I crawled on my hands and knees the rest of the way to the bathroom door so nobody could hear me.
Steadily, I stood up after finally reaching the bathroom door. As I tried to open it I realised someone was in there. So I quickly hid behind the clothes basket.
Five minutes past and the bathroom door swung open. It was my dad. Sleep walking like a zombie. After he finally went back to bed I quickly went in to the bathroom. I had to make it quick so I got the jar of aspirin and started to climb down the stairs trying to dodge the creaking, bare floorboards. I walked down the hallway to find the kitchen. It felt like hours to find the key but when I found it I checked my pockets. Oh no… the jar of aspirin fell out my pocket as I was coming down the stairs. I darted to the stairs; the jar of aspirin was now rolling down it. CLICK, CLICK, CLICK!! I picked it up and carried on with my mission.
Cautiously, I grabbed the worn out old back door key and headed for the wooden hinged back door. Then I stuck it in the lock. My hands were trembling with fear and the coldness. I turned the key softly in the lock; to my relief it opened very quietly. But, then I thought this is stupid! Why am I doing this? There is no going back now.

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