Sunday, 25 February 2018

Michael’s Midnight Mission by Stuart

As fast as lightning, I sat up gasping for air. Beads of sweat rolled down my face as I shuffled out of bed. I thought I was in Antarctica, the air was freezing! As I froze to death, I tiptoed out of my room. Then I heard dad snoring and the baby’s breath rattling like a rattle snakeAs I headed to the bathroom I heard a thud. It was my dad falling out of bed. I hid and I had an excuse. Then, a few minutes later I grabbed the aspirin jar and…

I tiptoed downstairs; I could hear the aspirin jingling in my pocket. My heart raced as I tiptoed away. I tried to make as least noise as I could but also rushing so I didn’t get caught. All of a sudden, the stair started creaking. Holding my breath, I waited for the noise to stop. I grabbed the key and walked over to the door I proceeded to open the door. Then I saw the jungle that my parents called a garden.

Crazily, I explored the garden. I dropped the aspirin in front of the shed so I new where it was at all times. Without taking a step I saw bushes with caterpillars. I took a few more steps and saw rats eating the 27 and 53 so I grabbed it and scared the rats away. Fortunately the street lights were on and I could see perfectly. I could see the leaves, branches and a tree dancing in the wind .There was a trail of something so I followed it and it lead me to a bush. It had thistles so I looked through and saw a group of birds in their nest feeding their babies. They did their danger call like I was danger. I stepped back and tripped over a stone. Then I heard my dad opening the door so I hid around the corner. Then I figured that he was sleep walking so lucky me. I headed through the bushes and thistles and got to the shed it felt like hours but it was 10 seconds. Then I realise I forgot the 27 and 53 so I go back and forth and put the key softly into the hole and…

Eventually, I reached the shed and there were bluebottles, centipedes, spiders and much more creepy little bugs. Before I put the key in the lock I thought, should I really do this? I mean he did save me so. I put the key in the hole and it wouldn’t budge so I tried harder and broke it open. Tentativly, I stepped in.

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