Sunday, 25 February 2018

Michael's Mission by Scarlett

Disorientated, I awoke, hearing the baby’s breath rattling violently in her sleep. I remembered the nightmare, about my sister as a blackbird, looming above my head, but could grasp what it meant. I was sure it had a reason. Now, there was something I had to do, begin my midnight mission…a mission I knew I couldn’t avoid. Silently, I left the loving warmth of my soft duvet, and entered the cold attic. Immediately, a blast of icy wind hit me from the hole in the roof. Before I could change my mind, I put my feet into dad’s old slippers and bravely climbed the ladder down to the upstairs hall where my parent’s room was.
Although I couldn’t see much in the gloomy darkness, the sound of dad snoring like a pig in the distance, lead me the right way. Once I reached their room I carefully peered in to make sure everybody was asleep. Then I tiptoed towards the bathroom and reached out my hand. I gripped the silver handle for the cabinet which stored our aspirin. It swung open and I swiftly grabbed it with my sweaty hand.
I yearned to be back in my warm bed, safe from the cold, underneath my fluffy duvet. I was tired and couldn’t see a thing, but I had to succeed and that meant I had to go on. I slowly scaled the ancient staircase. Creak! I stepped on the creaky step! I stood still as a statue, my heart pounding, but I didn’t dare breathe. Did somebody hear me? Did I wake them? After a minute of waiting, I tiptoed the rest of the way down, utterly relieved. Steadily, I stepped onto the cracked tiles of the kitchen floor.

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