Sunday, 25 February 2018

Michael's Mission by Grace N

Chapter 1
The Dream
 Desperately gasping for air, I rapidly sot up from my sauna like bed completely drenched from head to toe in sweat. Then the feeling of what just happened hit me… This horrifying dream with my sister surrounded with blackbirds, and then she turned into one. Right after that my mind went completely blank, like crashing waves turning into smooth-waters. Just thinking about it made me petrified and confused what was the dream? Why was my sister there? What caused the dream? These thoughts where all I could think about…
Chapter 2
The Plan.
I decided to get up and do the mission that I had been planning all day, I got on my dull (damp) slippers and walked to the bathroom. With one hand, I grabbed the dusty, old bottle of aspirin and reached to put it in my pocket.
“What if they jingle around in my pocket too much?” I whispered to myself. I decided to take 5 out of the bottle and then put it back into the old, wooden cabinet. I avoided the middle of the landing, because that’s where the floor boards creak the most, and I had to avoid the loose nails on the 8th, 4th and 2nd step. I went around the rug and came to the stairs. Without one thought I stepped onto the first step without remembering that it creaks,
Chapter 3
Where are the keys?
I squinted my face tight up as I hear the fidgeting of mum and dad’s damp bedsheets moving around, suddenly it stopped.
“Phew…” I mumbled. I carried on, I got to the eighth step not realizing that…
“Michael! What are you doing?” Mum bellowed.
I said nothing. I waited for about 30 seconds. Then carried on (REMEMBERING) for the loose nails. I look over to where the keys are but...they were gone. I quickly went down the remaining stairs and opened the door to find the keys, staring at my face. So I grab the old, rusty key and twisted it into the dark key hole.
 Chapter 4 
Get to the shed.
I opened the door to a wet, dark environment.  I was only in my old slippers and they were not strong enough for the wilderness, I made my way over to the trash can and…
I stepped into a big pile of mud…I hope. I went over to the wall and sat down, took my slippers off and wiped them all over the wall. The majority of the mud was gone but some was still there, I put them back on and went back to the trash avoiding the big puddle. I came to the trash and saw that they had put the baby’s dirty diapers on top of the Chinese boxes, “Oh come on!!” I said. I picked up the end of the diaper and chucked it onto the dirty floor, luckily nothing “spilled” so I was okay. I reached out for the mouldy Chinese container with the left-overs inside, I looked inside and…. “SPLOTCH!”
The gross, soggy noodles and the disgusting spring rolls fell onto the damp, dirty ground. “Eww…” I said. I figured Skellig wouldn’t mind so I just picked up the gross food and put it back into the container. I walked over to the shed hearing the, “squelch, squelch, squelch,” of my slippers against the wet mud, I got to the door and went inside.
“Finally, boy!” he exclaimed. I reached over and gave him the “food.”
He ate it all in one gulp.

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