Sunday, 25 February 2018

Michael Midnight Mission by Lily-Mai

As fast as lightning, I sprung up from my bed, from my terrible nightmare about my annoying baby sister. I dreamt about Mina, that weird girl that I met the other day, taking my baby sister away up into a high tree and feeding her off worms and stuff. Then I put my uncomfortable smelly slippers on, and slowly and gradually walked out of my room and into my mum and dad’s room to see how my baby sister was, I was hoping that she wouldn’t cry and moan, and that was another thing that woke me up, to her crying. So once I had seen and checked on her, I went into the bathroom and leaped over the creaky floorboard, safely. I froze to make sure that she wasn’t crying in case I made a noise.
 Then after I’d checked my baby sister wasn’t crying, I went into the bathroom on the tip off my toes so if I stood on a squeaky floorboard it wouldn’t make a noise, I opened the door and searched for the aspirin jar which was behind all the other tablets in the bathroom cabinet, the bathroom was full of dust and cobwebs, I thought that the bathroom was where you get clean and not get dirty. I grabbed the aspirin and went to the top of the stairs, I put the lightweight aspirin in my pocket and went down the stairs, halfway down the stairs I had to hold my pocket because the aspirin was shaking and jingling in my pocket and I didn’t want to wake anyone up. I walked through kitchen which had stuff everywhere like paint and wallpaper rolls because dad is going to decorate it soon. I slowly opened the door to go outside because everything in this house was squeaky. So I had to open it slowly, it seemed like ages trying to find the key then I remembered that there was a spare one under the door mat, I lifted up the door mat that was thick with dust once again. I turned the key and opened the wooden door. I wedged the door open a little so I didn’t get locked out.

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