Friday, 8 December 2017

Back to the past by Scarlett, Alycia and Jakub

“Are we nearly there?” I moaned, “It seems like we have been on this plane for years!”     
“Be patient Holly,” said mum, over the sound of my 4 year old brother Timmy being sick. He got very travel sick - especially on planes - and it was driving us crazy. We had been on the plane for over 3 hours, so we were all a bit bored.  We were heading to Crete, in Greece. It had been where my mum had grown up.
Mum and dad had a huge argument back in London, and it had made my mum decide to leave him. She thought this was the perfect chance for her to take us to live in Crete. I was very disappointed to be leaving my BFF Mia, but after I googled our new property, I instantly fell in love with it. I was mesmerized by the size of it, and the massive pool in the garden. Although the home had a few modern pieces, it was an old place, with a hint of mystery to it.
“You have now landed in Crete airport. Please remember to take all of your belongings with and take care when exiting the plane.” We were officially in Crete. There was no turning back…
  We frantically grabbed our luggage from the carousel, as we had to race to grab the only free taxi outside. I danced out of the turning doors into the unfamiliar humid air. My legs were wobbly like jelly after spending almost 4 hours on a cramped plane. I was so glad to be off it. The taxi ride was quick, and before we knew it, we were turning the corner to our new street. As soon as we saw it I didn’t know what to think. Hundreds of different thoughts were racing around my head. Did I like it? Is this it? The house was huge! It was also so terrifying it sent shivers down my spine. Moss engulfed the old brick walls, and crumbling dark oak trees loomed overhead, placing a permanent shadow over the house. The garden was not visible from where we were. This house was VERY different to the picture. Thanks a lot for tricking me Google!
I cautiously turned the handle of the creaky door. It swung open to reveal a spacious living room. It had hard wood flooring, making the room feel freezing cold. The walls were smothered in Victorian wallpaper; it looked like one of my Nan’s dresses. There was no furniture, only a fire place. I walked on towards it, and the floorboards screeched under my feet. I swept my hands over the wooden mantelpiece on top of the fire place. My hand emerged, covered in years’ worth of dust. On either side of it, were two ornaments. They were creepy dolls. They looked like they were staring at me, beckoning me to touch them. Should I? Oops! I suddenly slipped on the wooden floor, kicking the doll whilst falling. A deafening, high pitched scream filled my ears. It was painful. It didn’t last long, but it couldn’t be over quick enough for me. I wondered if it was just in my head, but I will never know because there was nobody else in the house. My mum and brother had gone out to investigate the neighbourhood and our new neighbours in the surrounding houses. Eventually, the noise stopped, and I got to my feet and straightened my skirt. When I looked at the fire place, the doll was stood up, in its original place, but the fireplace was twisted back. There was a large hole in the wall, just big enough for me to crawl through. It was tempting. Too tempting. I just couldn’t resist. I went in, head first, not daring to think what my mum would say.
It was like a portal to a whole new world. The first thing I saw was a lady about twenty years old. She was having a conversation with a man. He looked about the same age. Her hair was long, down past her shoulders, and it was a glistening brown, with blond highlights on the ends. The man had short blonde hair and emerald green eyes. Wait, she looks familiar. So does he. Is that, MUM and DAD? It is them! Then, before I could fully grasp what I was seeing, a flash of blue light blinded me. The setting changed. It still had mum and dad in it, but now they had a little toddler with them. Me! I was short and cute, especially as I was giggling at a joke that dad just made. Mum was pregnant! That must be Timmy.  I shout at them but they can’t hear me. It was like they were trapped in a bubble of the past, and I was just a bubble blowing past them in the wind. I saw a button on a wall, and instinctively pressed it, unknowing of the consequences it might bring. They sped up, going in super-fast motion. I watched myself grow, from toddler, to child, to now. I saw mum giving birth to baby Timmy. I saw so many happy moments, that I will never forget. I also saw not so good things, tthings that I wish I could forget. The argument. I had heard mumbling from the other room when it had happened, but I had never heard the details, and the reasons. Mum had refused to tell me and so I didn’t go on. Now I know the real reason. It was all my fault. I was the one who broke them up and caused us to flee our old home. I cried, and cried. I didn’t want to watch, but I couldn’t tear away my eyes. It was all because of my love for mum. I had always hated dad. He was mean to me and Timmy and hated Timmy. One day I stood up to him. He didn’t like it at all. Dad hurt me. He beat me. I could look any more so I just walked away.
I’m sure I could get used to this house. Soon it could turn to a home.

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