Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Tyler S - Book Review of Demon Dentist by David Walliams

This book is about an evil dentist who eventually tries to cook people and uses their teeth for decoration. Her name is Miss Root. She uses special toothpaste to rot children's teeth and leaves bad items under their pillow!  Alfie along with his friend called Gabz found out what she did and with the help of his dad slays the witch.
The book cover makes you want to look further into the book. This story is definitely unusual and can't happen in real life. The story was boring to start with then goes up and down from there. There are some interesting bits like when the dentist turns into a skeleton.
The main characters in this book were the evil dentist and the boy called Alfie. Other important characters were the boy's friend Gabz, his dad and the social worker called Winnie. The dentist was pure evil. The boy was clever and also nice because he looked after his dad who was in a wheelchair. When he had hardly any food he would give most of it to his dad. The most interesting character in the book was Miss Root because you didn't know what she was going to do next. She got more evil as the story went on and even turned into a skeleton. Alfie did not like the social worker at first because he was scared of her. By the end of the book he cared for her and lived with her when his dad died.

The story was written in third person. This was not important because it still tells the same story. This story makes you imagine what everything looks like but also with some pictures. I think this was not a very good story because it was a bit slow and too long. I prefer shorter stories. My favourite part was when the evil dentist turned into a skeleton.  I think they should have left some things out to shorten the story. I think the police should have killed her. It didn't make sense that the skeleton needed to breathe and could see. I was glad when it finished because it was too long. The book was fiction so it taught me nothing. It did not make me scared to go to the dentist because I know it is not real. If you like reading books I would recommend this book as it has a good surprising ending. I would read other books by David Walliams depending on what other choice there was. 

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