Sunday, 19 November 2017

Ella's Review of Matilda by Roald Dahl

Matilda is a young girl who lives at home alone because her Mum leaves her to play bingo and her Dad goes to work with her brother Michael selling broken cars. Matilda is left alone to learn how to cook and clean. However, her brother is indulged. Luckily for her, Miss Honey comes to the rescue and adopts her for good.

Matilda's life at home was hard for a five-and-a-half-year-old, but she managed to find a way at home. She taught herself how to cook, clean, wash up, read and lots more every day challenges for a five-year-old. When her parents got home all they would do was watch tv until one day Matilda finally convinced her parents to let her go to school where she met kind teacher Miss Honey. When Miss Honey saw Matilda, she noticed she was different and smarter which made her special. Matilda showed her recently discovered and unusual powers. Miss Honey came to the rescue and adopted Matilda from her horrible parents Mr and Mrs Wormwood.

This book covered Matilda's whole life up till she was six and a half years old, which is weird because the book is so small but her life was so big. In the story I liked it how the start of the story was slow and it built up to be more exciting as the story went on. All the events followed on from each other and as the story unfolded I could predict what was going to happen, which made me feel excited.

The main characters were Matilda, Mr and Mrs Wormwood, Miss Honey and Miss Trunchball, the Headmistress. Matilda was a sweet, smart and caring girl, while her parents were liars and cheats who were so disgusted that she was different. Miss Honey was the nicest person you will ever meet and loved Matilda with all her heart, but on the other hand Miss Trunchball was the strictest person in the world and hated children.

I liked how Roald Dahl described Mr Wormwood as a mean crooked crook. I Found Miss Honey the most interesting as her past was so bad but by the end of the book, she had got her house back and better wages and was happy. I think Miss Honey developed to see life from other people's perspectives. On the other hand, Miss Trunchball the Headmistress of the school hated children and punished them by putting them in The Chokey. The Chokey was a narrow cupboard that is 10 inches square with broken glass sticking out of the walls and nails in the door and you cannot sit or squat, so it is a very uncomfortable and scary punishment. 

The story was written in third person as it was describing Matalida's life. I liked how it described the setting where ever she went, although in the story it didn’t really describe her or the other character's feelings in detail. I thought it was a good story because it was entertaining to read. My favourite part of the book was when Miss Honey adopts Matilda, because it is when the story ends happily ever after.

When I was reading this story, I felt that I could not put the book down. After I read the book, I felt happy because I had read it, but sad it was finished. From the book I learnt that you should not judge people before knowing them. I would recommend this book to other people as I enjoyed because the characters were so interesting and well written.  I think other people will like it too. I would read other books by Roald Dahl as his books are so creative and wonderful. 

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