Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Tegan's Book review about Dog Zombies Rule by Liz Pichon

In this story a boy has been asked to look after his friends pet and he says yes.This story is about a boy who is in a band called dog Zombies rule and he look after a pet hamster called Marble. This book took 4 hours to read and is quite interesting. The book was like your normal life in a book to most young boys. The opening to the book was really dramatic, when I first opened the book I was like WOW what`s he so excited for then when I finally got into the book I understood why he was so excited.

The main character is a boy called Tom Gates he loves animals and he really wanted a pet and because his friend offered him to look after his hamster Marble he was happy. The characters are nice except for the boy called Marcus he's really annoying. I found Tom the most enjoyable one because he likes to annoy his older sister Delia and he loses control of Marble at night because he's nocturnal and he keeps Tom awake all night and he said that his face looks like a potato when he wakes up. The character didn't change as the story went on.

Comments on style
 The story was written in first person the whole way through the story. The first person is important to the story because they're talking about a individual life of a specific boy. The story was good I enjoyed it I have read it four  times now. My favourite part of the story is where Tom gets woken up in he night by Marble. 

During the story I was laughing at the parts where they was doing something silly. I would recommend this book to people because its funny. I would read the rest of the the Tom Gates books .

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