Sunday, 29 January 2017

Alien Life Form Report (Homework) by Kirsten

I travelled to Saturn to find life there. As the average temperature is -147 there, I expected not to find anything, but I still went to look. It took me a long 5 and a half years to get there.  The ice rings were beautiful, but they were too fragile and cold to stand on. The planet is a gas giant and it’s very cold, so I didn’t stay for long so I wouldn’t freeze.
The scenery was lovely, very rocky with many stone arches and hideaways and craters that go deep into the ground and look like rabbit burrows. I found him in one of these. The reason I know he is male is because he spoke to me. He speaks in Alien and English.
I brought him home to find that he can breathe in our air. The two things that he doesn’t react well to are:
Our gravity force, he floats and doesn’t walk! 
He doesn’t cope very well with Earth’s average temperature as it is 161 Celsius difference. He has to stand under lots of powerful air cons. 

Overall the finding of this amazing creature was phenomenal and I will be visiting Saturn again to see if there is any more life there. I enjoyed it and would love to find another alien like I found!

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