Sunday, 29 January 2017

Alien Life Form Report (Homework) by Tyler S

My Galactic Discovery 
It was Wednesday 13 July 2016 when I got blasted off into space with a destination set for Mars. My mission was to go to Mars and search for an alien life form, and I am proud to say that I succeeded. 
You may think `How can any life form survive on the freezing climate and on the immense gravity level on mars?” Well, that’s exactly what I said when I saw this extra-ordinary creature. Both of which you are about to find out. 
My Alien       
Since Mars has an extremely low climate that can drop down to minus one hundred and twenty five degrees Celsius in winter, it can handle extreme temperatures. Because of how used they’re used to acid-freezing temperatures, they take three thousand years to get used to a huge climate change (e.g. minus one hundred and twenty five degrees Celsius to twenty five degrees Celsius.) so if brought to Earth, it would perish. But if the weather turns from cold to absolutely freezing they would change the depth of their fur. 
After their ability to change their temperature, I decided to call them Temprilens. 
You may ask `How do you know all of this? Have you even made contact with them? Do they speak English? `                                                          
Well first of the three questions, I have made contact witTemprilens and 6 out of 10 Temprilens know every language there is and ever was! I know all of this because I have been talking to a range of Temprilens who were very friendly and treated me like one of their own kind. But there is still more to tell. 
Because of the strong gravity level, the Temprilens is very stout creatures, about three feet and two inches in height. The colour of their fur is hazel and it gets darker as they get older. The odd things about Temprilens are their eyes. The eye of the Temprilen can change colour each day (sometimes, they don’t always match as a pair!) The surface population of Temprilens has an average of eight point six hundred and seventy four million! That’s enough to fill all the houses of London! 
So if any more missions are commissioned to Mars to find alien life form and if any of you are to be going, look out for the Temprilens! Now you know much about them.         

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